Thursday, 31 July 2008

Ultimate love song

What is your all time favorite love song?

I have a few. I am actually compiling a list of love songs to be played on my wedding night. So far, I managed to list down nearly 50 English songs. I would love to have Malay and Chinese songs too. I've been searching high and low for Malay and Chinese songs. However, till now, only found 2. Besides, it won't help as I don't read any Chinese words.

If you have a song to share, or even websites where I can download from, please do share. If you want any songs from me, I'll share for sure.

Eating out: Madam Kwan's

Maybank is having its Treats Fair at Midvalley Exhibition Hall starting today till Sunday. If you're a Maybank card holder, do drop by and do some shopping. No matter how much card points you have, there is something for everyone. We went there today 'coz dad wanted to redeem 2 Lojel trolley-bags.

Afterwards, we went to Madam Kwan's for lunch. All of us had Nasi Bojari. Over the years of dining there, this is my first time ordering this and also will be my last. No, don't get me wrong. Food's great and I enjoyed every bite. The portion is just too generous. I don't mind sharing it, but to finish a plate on my own, I rather not.

I noticed there are few new items on the menu, ie: Dumpling Soup Noodle. However, I don't see any diner ordering this. I guess people can get much better dumpling soup noodle elsewhere, that is equally good, at a cheaper price.

Wednesday, 30 July 2008

New template

Yea, I changed my layout again. I'm not very satisfied with the previous template. It made everything looked gloomy, whereas it should be lively and jolly. So I took my time and search for one that suits me (at least during the time when I was surfing la). I came across this layout and fell for it instantly! I did not waste another minute and quickly download and apply it.

It took me awhile just to edit the header so it won't block the lovely flowers at the background. This is the best that I can come out with. What do you think? If you would like to brighten up your site, go for it! I found mine here.

Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Eating out: KampungKu

KampungKu is located in Lake View Club, Subang Jaya (next to Sheraton Hotel & Towers). The coffee house is open daily for lunch. And on every Tuesday and Thursday, it offers buffet lunch for only RM15++ per pax. While on Sunday, it offers high-tea from 12-3pm for only RM20++

There were at least 5 food stalls around the cafe. There were 3 types of rice: steam rice, KampungKu Fried Rice and Chicken rice. Other main course includes char kuey teow, rendang chicken, fried squid, vegetables, beancurd, crab and much more.

There were also asam laksa, chicken soup noodle, ABC, rojak and also desserts. All for only Rm15++

While eating, you can even enjoy the sight surrounding the club. It'll be nicer in the evening.

Here's my plate. I can no longer wallop like I used to like my teen days. I stopped shortly after finishing this plate.

KampungKu also offers catering service. So, my parents and I were there today to try out the food before ordering from them. We have now engaged KampungKu to cater during the hen's night. We have forgo H&H for few reasons: limited food choices, expensive menus and expensive canopies. Like H&H, KampungKu is also offers halal food. Suits me perfectly!

Saturday, 26 July 2008

Eating out: Chili's

Hui Bao, Yuen Mei and I went to 1Utama today to watch Dark Knight. It was totally awesome! Every actor and actress gave in their best performance. Sadly, Heath Ledger is no longer here to reprise his role as Joker. Wonder who's gonna be the villain next, probably Penguin :p This will be yet another trilogy sets out to break record.

Let's not wander far off. After movie, we headed to the nearest eatery, Chili's! As usual, Chili's is packed and we waited only about 6 minutes, lucky us. It was already 2.45pm when we walked in.

Our drinks, priced at RM9.95

These are our drinks, from left: Chocolate Banana, Pina Chilada and Chocolate Shake. There weren't enough banana, so it tasted more like chocolate shake. As for my Pina Chilada, it'll taste much better if there'd be more coconut and pineapple flavors.

Chicken Spag, priced at RM21.95

Hui Bao ordered the chicken spaghetti. The portion is quite big, so she didn't finish it. I had a bite and it tasted good. There were enough tomato paste, generous amount of chicken cubes and coriander too. Exquisite!

Grilled Chicken Sandwich, priced at RM19.95

Yuen Mei ordered the chicken sandwich. She said it tasted really good, chicken is tender, good to go with the bacon and lettuce too. She did complain about one thing though, that is was too big, haha. Made it really difficult to slice down.

Mushroom Swiss Burger, priced at RM22.95

I ordered Mushroom Swiss. The beef patty is well-done 'coz I'm rather fussy about having raw meat at Western-joints. It doesn't give me the assurance like the Japanese joint does. It's me! Nothing to do with the restaurants ok? Anyway, it's good. That's all I can say, haha. I should have swap the fries with mashed potato, but I didn't. Mishap!

p/s: My K800i died on me on Thursday. Photos are taken using K618i instead. Lousy photos eh? No flash, no focus and no close-up shots. Guess I had to endure this for a week or two :/

Friday, 25 July 2008

The loot

Mega Sales has started and it will end in September. Another one and a half month to shop. Jusco in Midvalley had a Jusco Member's Day sales on Thursday. The entire day was only for Jusco card holder. But I'm sure some just tagged along with friend/stranger holding a Jusco card.

Member's day started as early as 7am and ends at midnight. This is my first time shopping there. All I can say is that, the crowd is massive! It is worst than on weekends or school holiday or even public holiday.

This is the crowd at 8am. 8am!! What time did I get there? I shall be mum about that, haha. This photo is taken at the bedding department. If you think this department is packed, wait till you go to the ladies' department. Women digging, hurling and snatching undergarments! This is the best way to learn a woman's manners, haha.

Apart from that, I saw people holding onto 2-piled up trolleys, people yelling that she grabbed hold on the item first and not her, kids running around when their moms hunting items, men standing next to their partner yawning, people accidentally shattered lovely Bohemia crystals and much more.

I had my fair share too. I bought these from Jusco: (3) bedsheet sets, (2) pillow, bolster, quilt, mattress protector, (3) sets of hanger, photo album and bridemaids' gifts. It would have costs me easily more than RM2000. But everything was 50%-70% off that day. You can actually count how much I saved.

Now, all I need is to find a place to store my loots ;P

My pre-wedding stills!

I went to Vogue on Wednesday to pick evening gown for the dinner to be held in Klang. There are many newly-arrived gowns to choose from. It took me more than an hour to try on those lovely gowns and another 30 minutes just to make my choice. In the end, I'm very pleased with my choice. The color and the design of the gown is absolutely amazing :)

After a short discussion with Boey, she passed me a CD containing all untouch-up photos taken during the photoshoot. I came home and the internet connection is down. The other half warned not to upload a single photo. I told him I want to show my babes, and he let me :P Thank you baby

There are altogether 10 shots of MV. Err, I don't know what MV means but I know it's not music video, haha. MVs are photos taken before the actual photoshoot commenced. This is me when May was working her midas touch. I sat there for almost 2 hours, and then it was Gan's turn.

For our indoor shoot, I picked Equatorial Hotel in Bangi. This is us, seated at the garden lounge. Our hand bouquet is made up with fresh roses and lily. The white suit that Gan is wearing is by the Vogue. We changed 5 times for our photoshoot.

For viewing the rest of the photos, you need to seek approval from the other half. Sorry :D

Monday, 21 July 2008

Eating in: Baked banana

I was in a bake-mode yesterday when Gan was here. To satisfy the urge, I made baked banana. It is one of the simplest thing to do and it only took me 30 minutes.

Baked Banana

75g butter
75g sugar
Lemon juice (2 table spoon)
Orange juice (2 table spoon)
  • Beat the butter and sugar together until smooth
  • Peel off the skin and lay the bananas on a tray
  • Add in lemon and orange juice to the butter and sugar. Mix well
  • Then pour evenly onto the banana
  • Bake for 10 minutes at 170 deg and you're done!
Serve while still hot! Remember to preheat the oven for 10 minutes at 170 deg. You can also top it with whipped cream or vanilla ice-cream. I added in some fresh raspberries too.

It tasted heavenly! The sweetness of the banana and zest of tangy lemon and raspberries. Yumz indeed!

Sunday, 20 July 2008

Eating out: Minmax Restaurant

After the petrol price hike, Gan and I now meet once a week. Being so far apart, him in Klang and I in Bangi (70km away ok), we fully utilize our time together during the weekend. Earlier today, we went to Macy to get drapes for Gan's bedroom. We have chosen two lovely yet simple designs. Now, we can't wait for our curtains to be ready.

After Macy, Gan and I, together with my parents went downtown for lunch. MinMax Restaurant is a halal Chinese restaurant located on Level 2 of PNB Darby Park. On Level 3 is a Korean restaurant.

Fried radish cake, priced at RM2.90

Minmax is having dim-sum promo, selected dim-sums are selling for only RM2.90++ We ordered fried radish cake. The beansprout, egg and choi pou really compliment the radish cake. It tasted so much better than some 5* hotels.

Fish in Pattaya style, priced at RM20

We ordered dishes too. This is deep fried sliced fish in Pattaya style. It is really appetizing, with its sweetness and sour-y taste, also topped with the crisp of onion, cucumber and pineapple.

This is claypot eggplant with minced meat. In it, there were finely chopped spring onion, mushroom and red chili. This dish goes really well with rice. You might even want to add another bowl of rice ;)

Portuguese style shrimp, priced at RM35

This is Portuguese style shrimp. This is yet another delicious dish. The thick, creamy sauce blends really well together. I reckon that it made of mayonnaise and Thai chili sauce combined. The funny thing is that, french fries is served as base. It doesn't really matter 'coz it is really yumz~

Minmax is really a good place to dine in. Aside from this Chinese restaurant, you can find Korean, Middle-East and even a cozy restaurant located on its 39th. All you need to do, is drive yourself to PNB Darby Park, Off Jalan Ampang.

Minmax Restaurant
Level 2, PNB Darby Park
Jalan Binjal
50400 KL
Tel: 03-2166 8669

Saturday, 19 July 2008

Eating out: Sil Ro Am

I went down to Seremban for our monthly day-out. It has been our custom ever since we graduate. Hui Bao, Yuen Mei and I would meet for at least once a month.

We dined at Sil Ro Am, which is a family-run Korean restaurant. It is located near Senawang Industrial Park. The place is rather simple yet clean. As I glanced through the menu, I found various Korean delicacies. We ordered 3 dishes.

While waiting for our food, we took photos for a bit. The last photo was taken with ajuma "aunty" herself. She was absolutely friendly and spoke very little English. I only managed to utter kam sa hamida as we were leaving the restaurant.

The starters! Korean is famous for its MANY itsy-bitsy starters. All of these were homemade and they tasted good too. We didn't finish them though...

Stir-fry Glass Noodle, priced at RM20

In it, there were capsicum, spring onion, onion, pork, carrot, mushroom and last but not least, Korean glass noodle. This dish was stir-fried with black pepper and topped with sesame. It was rather watery at the base though.

Gyoza, priced at RM20

This is good! The gyoza skin was fried until crisp, the filling is soft and tasty and most of all, it wasn't oily at all.

Stir-fry Pork, priced at RM35

This dish is rather spicy. Ajuma must have used her special sauce to make this dish. Again, this is topped with sesame. The gyoza tasted better after dipping this gravy. The spiciness of this dish and the crispiness of gyoza, match perfectly in the mouth.

If you are ever in Senawang, check this place out.

Sil Ro Am Korean Restaurant
No 47, First Floor
Taman TTJ
Sungai Gadut
71450 Seremban
Tel: 06-677 7516

Friday, 18 July 2008

Eating out: Little Penang

We had lunch in Little Penang, in Midvalley. Jusco is having JCard Family Day at one of its exhibition hall. Discount is upto 70% wooot! I managed to grab a lovely quilt cover set by Jean Perry. Retail at RM635 and I only paid RM190.50, that's a great bargain! JCard Family Day is only until this Sunday. Hurry!

CKT, priced at RM9.80

Anyway, back to food. My dad ordered his favorite Char Kuey Teow. You can opt for spicy or non-spicy and with/without cockles. You gotta be patient though, this dish might take as long as 20 minutes, especially on weekends. The best Little Penang's CKT has got to be the one in KLCC.

Acar Fish set, priced at RM13.50

My mom had the Acar Fish set, served with Lo Bak and Ju Hu Char. I tasted the fish's gravy, too sour for me. Apparently it tasted like "chu keok chou" (vinegared pork knuckle), that I don't like. So, if you are like me, better don't order this set.

Kari Hantu set, priced at RM13.50

I don't know why is it called Kari Hantu. This set is served with sambal beef cubes, lobak and ju hu char. Nothing to shout about though.

Stay tune for tomorrow's entry ;)

Thursday, 17 July 2008

The designer

Sabah trip, March 2008

I have finalized my wedding invitation card. I'm gonna meet Samantha to pay her the 50% deposit next week. woooot, one task down.

Apart of the invitation card for the dinner on 15 November. I also need another invitation card for the dinner on 22 November, aka hen's night. For that, I have given this important task to my trustworthy babe. Lately, she has been polishing her skills with Adobe Photoshop. I have my total trust in her. I am sure she's gonna give her very best in designing the card. Besides, she sounded really excited when we spoke about it over the internet.

Sabah trip, March 2008

Thanks dear for doing this. It means the world to me *hugs*

p/s: I miss you too! Can't wait to see you!!!

Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Eating out: Bibi Wok

We were in Puchong coz dad wanted to buy organic beverage from Melilia. It was already lunch time, so we drove to Bibi Wok. This eatery is exactly beside the renown Bumbu Bali. What I love best about Bumbu Bali has got to be their drinks! The smooth avocado shake *slurps* Anyway, Bibi Wok serves Nyonya and Thai food. It has also set lunches and dinners.

You can smell strong aroma of lemongrass as you walk in. It totally energized my cloudy day. There are lots to choose from the menu. Appetizers, soups, dishes of seafood, poultry, vegetables and desserts.

Nasi Lemak Special, priced at RM12.90

I ordered the Nasi Lemak Special with Chicken Rendang. This is certainly a better deal than Madam Kwan's Nasi Lemak. There were 3 pieces of chicken, stir-fry long beans, papadom and the usual accompanying groundnuts, anchovies and sliced cucumber. The rice is strongly flavor with coconut milk. Not the usual type of road-side nasi lemak. I walloped everything that is on the plate, 'cept for the rice, nuts and anchovies *thumbs up*

Thai styled Fried Rice, priced at RM8.90

Dad ordered the Fried Rice. In it, there were Pandan Chicken, mango kerabu, deep fried tau foo pok and anchovies. The pandan chicken is pretty oily. The rice is goreng "fried" to perfection, and not too spicy.

Bibi Wok Nasi Special, priced at RM16.90

Mom had the house speciality. This set meal comes with crispy grilled prawn, acar, papadom, cencalok and asam calamari, and a drink. The rice is also of nasi lemak. Mom managed to finish the entire plate. Must be another thumbs up.

So, if you're around Bandar Puteri Puchong, give this place a shot. Else, just walk over to Bumbu Bali for its Balinese cuisine :P

Bibi Wok Restaurant
16, Jalan Persiaran Puteri 1
Bandar Puteri
47100 Puchong
Tel: 8060 7659

Monday, 14 July 2008

Eating out: Loon Sing Restaurant

We went to the nearby Loon Sing Restaurant in Nilai for lunch yesterday. We had a simple lunch with prawns, fish and vegetable. Sambal Prawn was yummy but rather oily, priced at RM28. Just look at the amount of oil. We had to place a spatula under the plate to segregate the oil.

We also had the steam fish, priced at RM24.70. It was really appetizing as the fish tasted a little salty and spicy. It is really good to go with rice.

The compulsory green vege: Hong Kong Choy Sum, priced at RM12.

Loon Sing Restaurant is famous for Buddha Jump Over The Wall. You can find its location here.

Friday, 11 July 2008

Of travel and family

It has been wonderful and blessed to be able to travel to so many countries. I thank my parents for bringing me along. Though there are times when they did leave me behind. That was when I was still in college. My parents are like any other parents, they want their children to be around for as long as they can. And that includes traveling!

I remember I started traveling when I was 8 years old. It was 1990 that I first traveled out the country and first time boarded an airplane. It was in Had Yai. I can't remember much about the place 'coz I was pestering to go back to the hotel. And my late brother pestered too. We were such a nuisance then, haha.

My parents would make it a point to travel annually during Chinese New Year. That is when my dad could take longer leaves. When my brother and I were in secondary school, my parents brought us to England for the first time. I was 14 and was thrilled to see snow! Not to mention, caucasians! It was truly a magical moment for us.

The most memorable countries that I have ever been to has got to be Scandinavia. Out of the 30 countries that I have step foot in, Norway has absolutely stunning sceneries. No other countries can beat Norwegian beauties. Then there is Dubai, one of the fastest growing country. We had the chance to stay at the 7* Burj Al-Arab. It was incredible to be treated like the rich and famous. I can't belief that the desert sand is cold during the winter in Middle East. I can even feel the softness of the sand between my toes just by talking about Dubai. The most historical place has got to be Eastern Europe. Austria, Prague and Budapest are so full of historical cultures that it'll take forever to digest them. I was taken aback by the gorgeous monuments, bridges, cathedrals and so many more.

My parents and I still continue traveling after my brother went back to the Lord. I can feel that he is with us. My dad will bring along my brother's jacket and jeans whenever we go traveling. And I have dreamed that he came home from his trip to Langkawi. It hurts that he is not with us to share our joy anymore. It is also a relief that he is with the Lord, and that he isn't suffering from the hospital bed any longer. Like us, I am sure my dear brother will continue his journey.

Prep update!

It is now 4 months left to my big day. So far, the preps are going pretty well. I have organized most of them accordingly. Let's see what have I done in the last few weeks...

1) Wedding Invitation cards - Found a decent supplier who prints lovely designs. It is not from those over-the-top companies. Samantha has a cart which is located in Midvalley. I have confirmed the design and currently amending the interlayer artwork.

2) Emcee - Engaged Queenie to emcee the wedding dinner. She is still a law student and is making moolah from various occasions. I got her contact from a cousin who recently had her to emceed his wedding.

3) Caterer - As I will be having guests from different races, it will be polite to appoint a halal-certified caterer for the hen's night. For this, I hired a renown caterer which is located in Taman Megah. Needless to mention names :P

What else... Oh yes! I am in need of a wine supplier. As I go Midvalley weekly, I was thinking to get from Bottles & Bottles. Their price is good, free wine tasting and free delivery. But am still looking for more choices. Anyone has one to recommend? Denise? Others?

Honeymoon! Gan has confirmed our accommodation during our stay in Bali. It is a 5* resort! woooooot! And we will be there for 4 nights! woooooot!

Thursday, 10 July 2008

Eating out: Sweet Bean

Sweet Bean is a dessert cafe located in Seri Petaling. We were there this afternoon to quench our thirst. My neighbour's son is operating a steamboat restaurant at the back of this cafe. That's how I came to know of this small little eatery.

There wasn't much crowd at the time we went in. Only 3 tables were occupied with high school students. Sweet Bean is opened from 12pm-12am. They serve set lunches and desserts ranging from drinks, double-boiled drinks, iced sago, dim-sum and much more.

My dad ordered the Mix & Match of peanut and sesame paste (priced at RM3). It isn't too watery which is good. My mom had double-boiled water chestnut with beans (priced at RM5.50). And I ordered the chilled mango sago with coconut (priced at RM5.80). Apart from that, we also had pumpkin custard (priced at RM3.80) and deep fried sweet potato (priced at RM3.80).

There are far too much desserts on the menu. If you're looking for a place to chill during tea time or at night, this is where you should go. Ample of parking spaces too.

Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Eating out: China Treasures

We brought my grandfather out for lunch. Nothing special, but we'll bring my grandparents out for lunch occasionally. It has been a few months since we last patronize China Treasures. This eatery is also a halal restaurant. Many Muslims dine at this restaurant for their dim-sums. China Treasures is one of the top dim-sum restaurant in Klang Valley.

Today however, we opted for the ala'carte menu. My dad ordered 4 dishes, that are prawn, duck, lamb and vegetable.

Prawn, priced at RM38

This is slightly fried prawn with peppery almond flakes. Sad to say, this was a let down. It is neither spicy nor salty. It was rather bland. It would be better if they serve a dipping-sauce that comes together with this dish.

Smoked duck (half bird), priced at RM38

Smoked Duck with Tea Leaf is one of the best dish. The entire duck is well roasted until crisp. The tea aroma is integrated in every bite. It is best eaten with accompanying plum sauce.

Lamb cutlet, priced at RM13

Another dish of red meat was the lamb cutlet served in black pepper sauce. The lamb was tender and it was grilled to perfection: med-well! The black pepper sauce was really appetizing that goes well with rice.

Be sure to make reservation. The restaurant is always packed. Most diners go for their dim-sum, which is served daily. It is buffet style (not the self-service type, this is the self-order type) that is priced at RM33++/adult (not sure about child though).

China Treasures
Sime Darby Convention Centre
1A Jalan Bukit Kiara 1
60000 Bukit Kiara
Tel: 03 2089 3688