Saturday, 22 November 2008

Another update

1. Canopies are up! Friends and relatives will be here tomorrow to savor all the goodies. Buffet starts at 7pm, be here early you guys! :D

2. The newly wed couple's room is nicely decorated by yours truly. It is really amazing! Worth every dime, hehe.

3. Makeup artist, photographer and videographer are all set! They will be on time!

4. Gowns for the actual day are ready, so is the accessories.

5. Must prepare myself emotionally. Be focused and alert at all times.

6. Arrgh, can't wait for our honeymoon! My much deserved holiday after months and months stuck locally.

p/s: Won't be updating for at least a week. Take care y'all, see you in December :)

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Wedding banquet 15-Nov-08

These are only few of the photos taken on that night. I'm awaiting for more photos from John. To those who has more pics, please send them over! You have my email, if you don't, there's one listed here :D

Other than thank yous, I'd like to apologize too if the food was lousy, if you were seated far back, if the service was lousy, if the wine tasted funny, if I didn't say my hellos or simply because it wasn't upto your mark. Anyhow, I hope you enjoyed it nonetheless. At least, I did! Hehe...

That's all from me now. I'll update when I have the time again :)

Monday, 17 November 2008

Eating out: Pasta Zanmai

Pasta Zanmai is located in 1 Utama's old wing, right next to Carl's Jr. It mainly sell Japanese soba, although there is some rice bento too. Other than that, there are really nice beverages and desserts to choose from.

Shishamo, RM8

The shishamo is really fresh. It wasn't fried until dry, unlike some Japanese restaurant. Each fish is filled with gazillion roes. I felt the roe bursting in my mouth *slurps*

Agedashi tofu, RM8

There are 4 cubes of tofu, each topped with different condiments. The Kikkoman sauce really brings out the flavor *double thumbs up*

Beef Noodle in Curry, RM25

Dad ordered this and it tasted good. Beef's tender and the noodles was delicious in curry. Unlike other curries, Japanese curry actually taste salty and barely even spicy. Oh yes, it's brown in color :D

Ebi Ika Wafu, RM25

Mom had the seafood noodle soup. In it, there's squids, 3 large prawns and topped with fresh cut spring onions.

Goma Ebi Tempura, RM25

And I had the best of the lot :P This is noodle in sesame sauce with prawn tempura. The sesame sauce is something new and I never tried this anywhere else. It is an interesting combination and it went well with the noodle. Perhaps, I am rather adventurous. And this scores high! One of the must-haves in Pasta Zanmai.

Sunday, 16 November 2008

Thank You!

Hi guys!

The wedding dinner went really well yesterday. I wasn't expecting a punctual timing but it did. All my guests arrived before 8pm! Can you belief that? It was really a wonderful surprise and I'm really thankful for their presence.

At about 8pm, we got ourselves ready outside the ballroom waiting for the cue to march in. As soon as we heard our march-in song playing, we slowly walked down the red carpet. At this moment, Gan was like a walking stick! Haha. Everyone was applauding for us but somehow, I couldn't hear it! I kept telling myself to smile, to look left and right and smile even more! Fortunately, everything well accordingly :D

Once again, my utmost gratitude to Amy, Adeline, Pui Kwan, Monita and Joe for taking care of guests registration; Nelson and John who wouldn't stop snapping photos; Chuen Hau for preparing the slideshows; Khiam, AH, Sun, Wong and Chuen who shouted their lungs out during toasting; friends & relatives whose names I didn't mention for helping us with the banquet; all my guests for being punctual; and lastly my parents who has raised and loved me all my life.

I thank all of you wholeheartedly :)

p/s: 1 wedding banquet over, 1 to go! Also, all proceeds will go to charitable organizations :)

Thursday, 13 November 2008

More updates

Most preps are done for the upcoming banquet. Next thing I need to worry is the actual day and the so-called hen's night.

Luckily I got my sayang to design the invitation card for me. The invitation is now ready and waiting for its delivery time.

My next door neighbour is absolutely wonderful. She offered to get wedding favors for me, FREE! Thanks Aunty Za!

Monday, 10 November 2008

Eating out: The Emperor

My cousin, Kean has just arrived from the UK today with his friend, Richard. My parents and I went to have dinner with them at the hotel they're staying. The Emperor is a fine dining Chinese restaurant located inside Sheraton Subang Hotel & Towers.

The Emperor too is participating in the MIGF this year. It costs RM240++ per person with Chinese wine and RM200++ without it. It's a hefty price to pay especially since they're 5 of us. So, we had the ala carte menu instead :P

Tenderloin Beef with Onion, RM54

These tenderloin cutlet is absolutely tender. The sauce tasted good too. But I find the onion to acidic. Should've stir fry them slightly.

Fried Rice, RM22

Ken said Richard likes fried rice very much. Be it yong chow fried rice or nasi goreng kampung, he takes all sorts of fried rice. However, he doesn't take seafood nor shrimps. So this fried rice has only egg and green peas. Quite good too.

Greens, RM22

This HK choy sum is very garlicky. Not oily too.

Garoupa Fillet in Lemon Sauce, RM45

Nothing special about this dish. The lemon sauce is very very mild and bland. It is basically tasteless, haha.

Pi Pa Beancurd, RM22

This is the house specialty. The tofu is stuffed with fish paste and some mixed vegetables. Then pan fried slightly and top with special gravy by the chef.

This is Richard and Ken. Nice meeting you Richard! I have heard so much about you. I'll see you both again this Saturday! *hugs*

Goodies! Whenever Ken comes home for holidays, he'll bring back lotsa goodies! Seen here are my Radley large tote, blusher and goodie bags from No7, eye shadow and lip palette from 17, hair gel, toner and Max Factor goodie box. Woooot!!

Wednesday, 5 November 2008


Days are drawing nearer. My singlehood life is coming to an end soon. Am I excited welcoming this next stage of life? Yes! Living and sharing a life with someone so dear gets me excited and chills at the same time.

Excited, because now I have someone to look after and someone to take care of me. Besides, good things are better shared. Chills, because I'm worried I can't adapt to a married life. The thoughts of being a mom gives me the goosebumps. Being a good mother, that is.

It is now less than 3 weeks to the big day. I'm still doing my pilates, facial and spa regularly. Hopefully that is more than enough.

Other than that, my guest list is almost done, gown fitting done, bridesmaid's gifts done, venue and food tasting's finalized, paid the caterer and much more.

Oh yes, our gua dai lai was on last Sunday. I think it is the simplest gua dai lai ever. There isn't any roast piglet nor coconuts too. They brought 30 boxes ka lui peng, oranges, 2 bottles of Chivas, red cloth, lai see representing the roast piglet and not forgetting dowry. In return, we have oranges, 2 boxes of ka lui peng, a lai see for the groom's expenditure and another lai see returning half of the roast piglet. Isn't that the simplest ever? Haha

I won't be updating often due to on-going wedding prep. More so on the last-min prep, haha. Other than the banquet and wedding, I am also looking forward to see my friends, pals and buddies that I haven't seen for months, some even years!

Monday, 3 November 2008

Eating out: EcoGreen Organic Cafe

EcoGreen Organic Cafe is located in Wisma Bakti in TTDI, which is a floor below the studio where I go for my pilates. It offers 100% organic and vegan food. This is our first time dining there despite after knowing this place for months.

There are ample of spaces with tables that seat 10s too. It is open for both lunch and dinner throughout the week, except public holidays that is. All ingredients are truly organic, and it uses no MSG, artificial flavoring/coloring/preservatives, no transfat and none of the food is microwaved too!

This place comes highly recommended from doctors/medical centers for those who are on-going chemo patients and cancer survivors, not forgetting those who are health conscious too.

Yoghurt, RM6.90

I tried the mango yoghurt with raisins and pumpkin seeds. Following the recent melamine scare, I have not had yoghurt since. This organic yoghurt truly fills the desire :P

Fried Mee Hoon, RM13.90

Mom had the fried meehoon. There are 2 options of fried meehoon, vegan or non-vegan. Mom had the non-vegan one and there's sliced fish in it. Tasted pretty good too despite the low sodium usage.

Spicy Fish Rice, RM25.90

Look at the gravy! It goes really well with the brown rice. It tasted soury and spicy, which is really appetizing. Dad finished the entire plate within 20 minutes, or less! Haha.

Oat Curry Chicken Rice, RM21.90

I had the dry curry chicken rice. The curry tasted really good and again, goes really well with the rice. There are potato cubes, carrots and a half-boiled egg, served with steam vegetables too.

Other than these dishes, there are lots other organic dishes too eg: Lui Cha, Nasi Ulam, Sweet & Sour Fish/Chicken, desserts and lots more!

EcoGreen Organic Cafe
Unit G3, Wisma Bakti
Changkat Abang Haji Gopeng
Tel: 7729 2789

Saturday, 1 November 2008

Eating out: Good Evening Bangkok

Good Evening Bangkok is a restaurant serving Thai cuisine. It is located on the 1st floor of the New Wing, 1Utama. Hui Bao and I were out today to celebrate her birthday. After watching adrenaline-pumping Eagle Eye, we went there to soothe our growling tummy.

Spicy Tom Yam Seafood Soup, RM10.90

I have always love tom yam soup. This restaurant serves good tom yam soup, it is definitely not for the faint-stomach :P It really really hot & spicy. There are squids, fish and shrimps in it.

Thai Fish Cake, RM12.90

Nothing special about this starter though. It is basically fried fish cake. It should have added more chopped basil leaves and garlic into it.

Kangkong Belacan, RM12.90

Honestly, this belacan is barely hot. It tasted more on the sweet side. There were lots of chopped garlic and made it very garlicky. The Morning Glory is young and tasted good.

Stir Fried Chicken in Plum Sauce, RM15.90

We chose to have something not spicy and opted this dish. It tasted fairly good too. Lots of chunky chicken pieces.

Pineapple Fried Rice, RM14.90

Can you belief that this is a portion for one? Haha, it is definitely enough if one decides not to order any dishes besides this. For us, it is just nice to share this portion alongside with other dishes. It tasted good too, especially with cashew nuts, raisins and tumeric.

However, couple of hours later, I nearly died of thirst! I think GEB uses too much MSG on its food. I do not condone the use of MSG, but at this age where everyone is health conscious, it is unwise to rely too much on MSG. It just hurt one's business.