Monday, 16 February 2009

Valentine's Day Mass Wedding

On Valentine's day, we went to celebrate Gan's god-brother, Tim's marriage registration to his new wife Chem. It took place at Klang's Hokkien Association, the same place where Gan and I registered. On that faithful day, there were 102 newly weds.

I'm sure most of you have seen this news on the local media. Noticed the bald lad with his pretty wife in white? Yeap, that's Tim and Chem. They were on RTM, 8tv, Sin Chew Daily and The Star.

This is Chem and her on-site artist, getting ready for photoshoot.

This is Tim in his naval uniform. He's being interviewed by the media.

Chem with Tim's hat on and him holding her bouquet. How sweet~ Wishing you both a blessed journey ahead!

Later on, Jo Ann, Tim's sister grabbed his hat and put it on. Next to her is her mommy.

Without hesitation, Gan too grabbed his hat and put it on, kkekee. Later that night, they invited us for dinner in Taman Rashna Restaurant. Therefore, Gan and I didn't have our alone time this Valentine. He said he'll replace it another time. Let's see when :D

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Business opportunity

Couple of days ago, I received a call from an ex-colleague that I haven't spoken to for ages. She asked me how was I, what am I doing and the usual questions. I sensed something was amiss since we lost contact for so long. I was right, soon after she asked "Hey, are you interested in doing business? My friends and I just started the business and are looking for potential partners with foundation."

Potential partners with foundation? Hmmm. Then I asked what is the business about. She went "Do you have time? We could discuss this further over a cuppa. I can introduce you to my friends too." Not wanting to drag this further, I decline her offer kindly by saying I have other commitments.

In this economic time, many businesses have gone bust. At the same time, it creates business opportunity too. There are many genuine investments, but there might also be those which are cutting corners. Being a non risk taker, it never crossed my mind to jump into any opportunity. I tend to think too much and also, I don't trust anyone handling investments for me. To me, the best financial manager is none other than my ownself.

Even if I do ever invest, it would be years from now when I have spare cash to dump in. At this point of time, I still trust the bank. Thank you very much. What about you? Are you a risk taker?

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Trip to HK & China

My parents, Gan and I went for Chinese New Year holiday. Initially, we booked ourselves on a tour to Egypt. No thanks to the economy downturn, many did not pay and the tour was canceled in the end. With less than 2 weeks away from Chinese New Year, dad decided to join the crowd and booked us a tour to Hong Kong and China!

We left for Hong Kong on the first day of the new year. We spent 2 nights in Hong Kong, 1 night in Shenzhen, 2 nights in Zhuhai where we crossed to Macau and the last night in Guangzhou. It is our first time experiencing the new year in China. It is definitely something different as we normally visits cold winter places like Europe. These are a few shots of the trip.

With Kelly Chen in Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum. I'm not that fat la, haha. I guarded my handbag with the trenchcoat over it :D

The view from Victoria's Peak.

At Repulse Bay. Jackie Chan's pad is in white on top of the hill behind me.

Windows of the World, Shenzhen.

Miniatures at Splendid China Village.

A very nice chandelier in Sands, Macau.

In front of Babylon Hotel, Macau.

St Paul's Ruin, Macau. We had 2 portugese egg tarts each after this shot *yumz*

Sun Yat Sen's Memorial Hall, Guangzhou.

Shopping at the famous street in Guangzhou, Siong Ha Kau Lou.

Monday, 9 February 2009

Wedding 23-Nov-08 (Night)

The photos of the wedding continues... I just returned from a family vacation, thus the delay.

The venue.

Us, marching in.

Wearing designer gown and matching tie.

The platter.


Pouring champagne.

Photos with my chi muis.

Table toasting.

More toasting.

With cousin Nicholas and Annie, and Richard.

Family shot of my new family.