Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Been awhile

It has been nearly 3 years since my first post. This site was practically left to mushroom itself. Where was I this past 3 years. I was active on another site. Also, work was catching up on me. Now, I'm no longer working and have been inactive for a year. I have been traveling excessively: China and Greece, just to name a few.

Yellow river in Hukou

I am getting married soon. Hopefully I will start this new life with a new blog :) There are still 7 months to go before the big day. And we're planning this on our own without any wedding planner. I'm going to list everything right here so I would not miss anything later on.

Bridal studio: Vogue Collection, SS2

Photography: Jon Low,

Makeup Artist: Michelle Tan,

Venue: Equatorial Hotel Bangi-Putrajaya,

Temple of Zeus, Athens

Those are the ones I have sorted out. Last week, Gan and I picked our furnitures. We went to Red Apple in Klang. Bought bedframe, 2 bed-side drawers, 5-door wardrobe, dressing table + stool and a King Koil mattress. I was really happy that we done it in just 2 hours time! Now, it's time for him to get an air-con. Now that I know the mattress size, I'll go hunt for beautiful sheets this coming sales :)