Tuesday, 30 September 2008

My Radley bag

My cousin Ken and his friend Richard, bought me Radley bag! I was thrilled when he sent me pictures of the bag. Radley is one of the most renown brand in the UK. A large tote bag can easily costs more than £100. There are many products under Radley's wing, umbrellas, luggages and toilettries too.

This is the one they got for me. Since I was born in the year of dog, this small little doggie tag suits me perfectly! I can't wait to get my hands on this tote bag. I wonder how many compartments are there in the bag.

Look at the color of the straps! The color combination is just nice! Thanks Ken and Richard for the great gift! Looking forward to see you both this November :D

Salam Muhibah

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri kepada semua umat Muslim. Semoga anda berbahagia bersama keluarga tercinta di hari yang mulia ini. Pastikan anda patuh pada kelajuan yang ditetapkan. Biar lambat, asalkan selamat.

Kalau kamu nie mat rempit, tak payahlah tunggang motorsikal masa raya nie. Main saja dengan bunga api bikin sendiri tu. Tak sebahaya aksi-aksi motorsikal korang :D Dah penat, boleh jamu kuih-muih and biskut raya. Pada kawan-kawan saya tu, jangan lupa ajak ke rumahmu. Kan ada masa, raya sebulan tu :P

Ini adalah entri pertama yang dikarang dalam BM. Kalau ada silap sasul, maaf zahitzahir dan batin.

Monday, 29 September 2008

Eating out: Loon Sing, Nilai

My cousin Jessica came over to overnight. We brought her to the most famous restaurant in Nilai, Loon Sing Restaurant. And on this night, we bumped into Toh Toh, a food critic from Hong Kong.

Paku Choi, priced at RM10

Have you tried this type of vegetables before? This is Paku Choi. I think it's called paku-pakis in Malay. This isn't my first time eating this vege. It taste much better when fried with sambal belacan.

Fish, priced at RM35

We ordered the Chef's Special Fish again. The gravy went superbly well with rice. You might need an extra bowl, haha. You can find chucks of sliced garoupa, beancurd and fu chuk in it.

Prawn, priced at RM30

This is Soy Sauce Fried Prawns. There were many prawns in it, at least 10! After peeling off the shells, dip the prawn back into the sauce before eating. It tasted sweet and salty. Most children would like this dish.

Black Pepper Ribs, priced at RM15

Last dish was black pepper pork. It came with mantau. We stuffed the meat into the mantau and eat it like a burger. However, there wasn't enough black pepper to taste like a black pepper dish. It tasted mildly, not much kick and oomph :P

Camwhore a bit with my cousin before and after dinner. Now all we need is to wait for Annie to come back before we can camwhore again :D

Sunday, 28 September 2008

Eating out: Manhattan Fish Market

Met up with Alina and Derek for lunch today. I went down to Klang and we had Manhattan Fish Market at Aeon, Bukit Tinggi. I haven't seen them both for months! It's always good to catch up with friends.

This is the menu with plenty of choices. As there are 4 of us, we ordered 2 sets of Flaming Platter for 2.

Just look at the size of the servings! Shrimps, a big piece of fish, fried calamaris, fried oysters, garlic rice and chips! Gan and I didn't want our portion to be flamed, so our shrimps were spared :P I've always loved its garlic rice, very garlicky and not oily.

This is Alina! She lost weight after wearing braces, tsk! I felt like a giant sitting next to her. It felt like a story of 2 girls with 2 different disorders, bulimia and anorexic :/

We should do this more often you guys. I don't wanna wait for another year or two anymore. Let's do this again before Chinese New Year shall we?

Saturday, 27 September 2008

Friday night take-out

I hosted a dinner yesterday to few friends of mine. Since my culinary skill is still below par, I had to order take-out from Pizza Hut.

I bought 2 regular sized pizzas and a variety box of appetizers: 10 chicken wings, potatoes and bread sticks. The entire meal costs slightly above RM80, which is OK, considering there're 6 of us, hehe.

The ladies got here first, Loong however, was a little late :P Seen here from left are Mandy, Felicia, Esther and Kirsten. They are all my secondary school mates. I've known them for more than a decade. It still felt like we've just graduated from school. Although school time wasn't anything to shout about, but it felt great to befriend such good pals.

This is us after dinner. We talked and talked and didn't even realize that it was almost midnight. Good time passed quickly, sigh. Thanks for coming over you guys *mwahs*

Thursday, 25 September 2008

Eating out: Delifrance

After doing my facial at Jurlique, dad called asking if I wanted to eat in Delifrance as they've just ordered a cuppa. I said OK and joined them 10 mins later.

Garlic baguette, priced at RM5.50

My parents have had their lunch when I was away. Still, they ordered a plate of garlic baguette to munch on. It's pretty bland. The baguette was good, crispy crust and soft bread. There was not enough garlic butter spread.

Tuna Croissant, priced at RM8.90

I settled for a simple lunch, Tuna Mayonnaise in Croissant. It's been months since I last eaten in Delifrance. We make it a point to stop at Delifrance at the satellite building in KLIA: sip a cuppa and have some pastries. The croissant is warm and crispy, the dressing on my salad is good. I reckon it's honey lime mayonnaise, like the one from Subway. Speaking of which, I haven't been to Subway for a long, long time. Tsk!

Wednesday, 24 September 2008


PMS stands of Pre-Marrital Sex! Thankfully, I'm not talking about that. Today, I'm gonna talk about Pre-Menstrual Syndrome :P

PMS is the nastiest thing that could happen to me. I really don't know how my hormone works in my body. I am very receptive towards certain words/attitude during this "crucial" time. During PMS, I'm the meanest person on earth! So, if you taste a piece of me during this time, I apologize.

Beware, this happens 12 times a year!

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Eating out: Dave's

My dear Hui Bao took leave today. Two of us went out to 1Utama for some shopping and eating. We got there about 11am and we headed to GSC. Bought tickets to our movie, Halloween. Gosh! This is the second biggest flop after Superheroes! I couldn't belief we stayed till the end. Tsk!

Anyway, we went directly to Dave's (non-halal) for lunch after the show. It was way after 2pm by the time we sat down. This is our very first time in Dave's and it took us awhile to decide what to order. Dave's is located at the Old Wing, opposite Burger King and diagonally opposite TGI Friday's. In the mean time, I snapped few shots.

We were seated at the non-smoking section. There is smoking section too, which is separated by a glass door, which is underneath the Tiger neon signage. This place is really cosy, good spot for happy hour.

This is Dave's menu. A good varieties of everything, ranging from starters to desserts, and from lassi to cocktails. We ordered 2 main dish to share. Hui Bao ordered her favorite Chocolate Banana(RM10) and I, Banana Lassi(RM12). By the way, I don't have any favorite drinks. I'm game for anything new :P

Carbonara penne, priced at RM28 (50%)

As pastas is on 50% off on weekdays, we selected the Chef's Signature Carbonara. Good thing about Dave's is, we are given choices what to be put into our pasta, ie: mushroom, sausages, clams, etc. We went for sausages and mushroom. The Carbonara tasted excellent! It is not watery, the sauce is creamy and rich and it lived up to its name ;) Chef's Signature!

Sauteed mushroom with avocado puree sandwich, priced at RM16

Again, we can choose the type of bread: white, wheat or foccacia. IMO, foccacia is the best choice. Indeed it was! The top was crispy and soft in the inside. The filling is really good too. I got bored with meat lately, so I chose mushroom and avocado puree. Honestly, I don't see any avocado puree not I taste any. But it's ok, the greens filled the absence of avocado.

Hui Bao and I had a great time dining in Dave's. We'll definitely be back for more. Thanks Hui Bao for driving us There! Can't wait for our next day out :D

Sunday, 21 September 2008

Eating out: Golden Phoenix

My grandaunt and her daughter, Sim, came over for lunch today. Sim is a scholarship student, who is back from UK to collect samples for her bio-genetics research. She will be leaving for the UK next week and won't be returning until mid next year. 6 of us went over to Bangi Equatorial Hotel's Golden Phoenix for lunch.

Each of us had a bowl of Shark's Fin soup. It is quite watery compared to others. I'm actually ok with it, less starch is good for health too. There wasn't much shark's fin in it. Also, I don't think there are even shark's fins to begin with. Probably synthetic ones, which is fine with me.

Then there's green vege. This is Baby Nai Pak.

Then there's Salad Prawn, which is really yummy. Some restaurant might have mayonnaise overdose, haha, but not this. You can find fish roe everywhere, covering from the head to its tail.

This is Sweet and Sour Fish. Each slice is a big chunk, unlike other restaurants where the fish is sliced thinly. Would be better if there were more capsicums in it.

This is Venison in brown sauce. The meat was seasoned before cooked. Venison is tender and is a little chewy. There were also asparagus and enoki mushroom in the plate. The gravy was really yummy, good to go with steam rice. We also had dessert after our meal.

Have a safe flight Sim. See you next year!

Friday, 19 September 2008

Isetan's Presales

Madness! Madness! This is my first time going to Isetan's presales! Ok, this is not as bad as Jusco's Member's Day though. People actually started going to Jusco as early as 6am! Goodness grace! Well, Isetan's madness isn't anywhere near Jusco's. But still, just look at that queue!

I got there around 10am. Being a good girl that I am, I joint the crowd and queued patiently :P There were even escorts. About 1-2 mins later, the queue started moving. I made my way through by showing my member's card.

There are at least 20 cashier counters on each floor and sufficient staffs to cater the amount of shoppers. Everything was well organized. However, there weren't enough fitting rooms. It is definitely not an inviting sight just by looking at the queue.

Somehow, I braved myself and bought some decent stuff. Bedsheet is 70% off, Lesport Sac is 40% off, Padini shorts is on 70% discount and even the stingy Jurlique is offering free gifts. First 12 customers(ME :p) are entitled to free gifts.

Presales ended today, it is open for public from tomorrow onwards. Happy shopping!

Thursday, 18 September 2008

Eating in: ABC Soup

This is my very first attempt making soup. No thanks to Vincent who always bragged about his daily nourishments, I was tempted :P

This is, by far, the easiest soup recipe to follow. Of course, you can always improvise on your own. This is my very own ABC Leng Tong ingredients (for 3):

  • Potato (skinned), tomato, carrots: cubed in large chunks
  • Onions
  • Anchovies
  • A pinch of peppers
  • Chicken bone
  • Salt, to taste

  1. Boil 3 bowls of water in a pot
  2. Once boiled, put in chicken bone, anchovies and peppers
  3. A moment later, put in potato and carrots
  4. About 30 minutes later, put in the tomato and onions. You might want to lower the heat now. Let it cook for about an hour
  5. Lastly, add in salt. A pinch will do.
  6. Walah~ Serve hot

This is my very one ABC leng tong. Yumz~ at least it satisfy my craving for soup, hehe.

Eating out: Teo Chew Fishball

Teo Chew Fishball is a reataurant located in Sea Park, same row as KFC. It sells all kinds of noodles.

Click to enlarge

Once you enter, you'll find a big menu placed on the wall. Read: No preservatives, No boric acid. Generally, human are getting more and more conscious of the food intake. So this eatery is wise enough to cater the public needs.

This is the menu, a complete list. The price is reasonable too.

This is our side order: fu chuk and fish cake.

This is chee cheong fun. Mom said it's good. Only RM1.50

I ordered the handmade noodles. Unlike other noodles that is served dry, this comes without dark soy sauce nor sesame oil. It is plain and simple, only some fried shallots, spring onion and minced meat. Priced at RM5.

This restaurant is usually packed during lunch hour. Expect to wait for food if you're there during peak hours. All food and beverages are 50% off after 9.30pm.

Tang House of Fishball
Sea Park
Tel: 7876 5461

Tuesday, 16 September 2008


Dad was watching the RTM's Chinese news earlier. Though I don't really understand, but I still watch it. You know, just for the sake of getting the latest news. Anyway, one of its on-site reporter was asking the public's opinion about the recent hoo-hah. Half of them who were approached, gave their opinions. However, another half of them refused to comment.

Upon hearing their excuses, I burst!

Uncle 1: shh shh, mou man (shh shh, don't ask).
Uncle 2: shh shh, mou kong gam doh. jing gan bei yan lai hui sik ka li fan! (shh shh, don't say so much. later will get caught and eat curry rice!)

What have the gamen achieve? Instill fear in us? Please! Although these uncles did not answer publicly, that doesn't mean they don't talk about it among themselves. That only make us unite and bad mouth the gamen even more!

Eating out: Baba Nyonya

Baba Nyonya Restaurant is located in Semarak, Nilai. We were there for a simple lunch today.

Ordered a foo yong egg. In the omelet, there's onion, carrots and celery and a little cincaluk. I don't really eat cincaluk, but this combination is kinda tasty. Most dishes are served on banana leaf. Truly authentic home-cooked baba nyonya food.

Next was the ginger prawns. The ginger, garlic and lemongrass are shredded, then fried till golden brown. The fresh-water prawns is big, almost the size of my palm.

This is Kangkong Belacan. We had another dish, Asam Red Garoupa. I was too consumed with the food that I forgot to snap a photo, hehe. The Asam fish is a must-have. Everyone who dines there would never fail to order this. It is sour and spicy at the same time. Really good to go with the plate of rice.

On a different note, have you seen horns grow from fu kwai plants?

This is taken from my mom's fu kwai plants today. I've never seen anything like that my entire life. After years of having the fu kwai plants, this is our first time seeing such "phenomenon". Mom said in the horns, these are the seeds of the plant. So far, there are 3 horns grown from the same plant. wooot

Saturday, 13 September 2008

Eating out: Sushi Zanmai

Was at Midvalley today to visit the Thai Fest at the exhibition hall. After that, went directly to Sushi Zanmai.

One of our must-have items. Toro Salmon! Each slice is equally thick. The toro is so tender. Just look at that. The fats between the flesh is layered evenly. Priced at RM13 for 5 slices. Absolutely reasonable.

This Rainbow roll is the promotion for the weekend. Each week, Sushi Zanmai will introduce a new dish for promotion. Rainbow roll is a tropical taste of Japanese maki. To those who love Kiwi, you might want to order this. Priced at RM11.80

Next is Caterpillar roll. This is one of our must-have item too. This is topped with creamy avocado and more avocado and unagi wrapped in between. Taste even better after dipping into the Japanese Kikkoman soy sauce.

Quick! Head over to the nearest Sushi Zanmai outlet now. They are at Gardens Midvalley, 1Utama and Sunway Pyramid.

Friday, 12 September 2008

Eating out: Leong Ya

As most of you know, Serdang is a food haven! It is renown for its Yong Tao Foo and paper-wrapped chicken (chi pau kai). I have stayed in Serdang for almost 25 years before shifting to a new residential area. Was at Serdang today and we headed to Leong Ya for lunch. There are a total of 3 Leong Ya restaurants, operated by the same family. The one I went is the one directly facing KTM, Serdang station.

For those who's able to read Chinese, this board list down all the dishes. But of course, there are more to choose from, just ask the friendly boss-cum-waiter.

We ordered Ginger Duck, chi pau kai, Curry Fish Head and a green vege. All of these for only RM43.70 with 3 bowls of rice and 3 glasses of leung char.

This is the Ginger Duck. Usually, the gravy is thick and full of taste. Today, it tasted a little diluted. Perhaps the restaurant was crowded, so they added more water into the pot of Ginger Duck.

This is the famous paper-wrapped chicken. The entire chicken is deep-fried after being wrapped. So the chicken is piping hot when served. After ripping off the paper, the gravy just seemed to ooz its way out. Chicken's tender, gravy is tasty. No other chi pau kai can beat this. Belief me, 'coz I've tried few other restaurants.

This is the Curry Fish Head. The fish head is chopped in pieces, so, you won't actually see the actual fish head itself. The curry is thick and creamy and not too spicy. Sufficient enough to entice ones tastebud. In it, there are long beans, brinjals, lady's fingers and potatoes.

This restaurant is usually packed during lunch hour and on weekends. Be sure to drop by if you are ever in Serdang. Remember, it is directly opposite KTM station in Serdang.