Monday, 23 March 2009

Eating out: Tony Roma's

Onion Loaf (Half), RM12.90

We ordered an onion loaf for sharing. It tasted pretty good but still we could not finish it. And there were 8 of us!

Buffalo Chicken Sandwich, RM18.90

The fries was really good. But can't say the same for the fried chicken. Quite disappointing.

Rosemary Chicken, RM31.90

The western style chicken rice. Not sure how it tasted like but Gan managed to finish the chicken. I guess it was acceptable.

We took photos before meal time. Also, we were waiting for the arrival of the star! :p

Here comes the star of the day! Shally and Mr P will be here for a week but only had hours to spare. How generous :/

Us with our partners :)

Nonetheless, everyone felt pleasant to be able to meet up. I hope the next time won't be far from now ;)

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Lanx said...

hey dearie~ definitely..maybe next time when we meet i have a nice short hair :P