Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Eating out: Chakri Xpress

Chakri Xpress is located in Alamanda Shopping Center in Putrajaya. I was there today with my folks for lunch.

Por Pia Savoey, RM9.90

I ordered the deep fried vegetable spring roll. It has very little vegetables in it and it's not crispy at all.

Tom Yam Gai, RM7.50

This is another disappointment. The clear tom yam soup is bland. It is not spicy nor soury.

Omelet, RM15.90

Nothing special about the omelet. A little oily and still has bits of egg shell in it.

Green Curry Chicken, RM15.90

I find that the green curry is not thick enough, more watery compared to other Thai restaurant. The taste is rather acceptable.

Khow Phad Pattaya, RM15.90

I had the Pattaya Fried Rice. I can find better cooking elsewhere. Also, it tasted more on the sweet side.

Overall, the food is disappointing. Good Evening Bangkok and Sri Ayutthaya still serve authentic Thai food. However, if you're on the move and in need of Thai food, Chakri Xpress fits the bill.


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Be safe. Stay away from petalingstreet