Thursday, 12 March 2009

Blooming Cameron

It was an overnight trip to Cameron Highlands. The last time I went, was still a toddler. I still remember going uphill with my maternal family. Us kids would play ping-pong, pluck monkey-cups (some plant) and just chase around in the rented bungalow. The Hainanese housekeeper would spoil us with 4 delicious meals a day. It was fun!

Now, decades later, I don't even remember where the bungalow was. But it's OK, we booked ourselves a room at the Strawberry Park Resort. We only checked in at about 10pm! Why? Coz we spent the entire afternoon and night in Ringlet!

My parents and I visited a relative's flower farm. All that was planted is chrysanthemum. I don't even know that there were these many species of chrysanthemum.

We were given half a dozen bouquet of chrysanthemum. Many of these are still not available in Malaysian markets yet. The mini type of chrysanthemum is especially planted to be exported to Japan.

A very vibrant colored chrysanthemum. I don't know what it's name though.

I like this very much. This is called the Viking. I was told that the Chinese don't really fancy this kind. Wanna guess the reason why?

This is the factory where all the staff handle the flowers: from plucking to sterilizing and from deleafing to packing. However, this factory is not open to general public :P

The next morning after breakfast, we drove ourselves to Mt Brinchang. The Sg Palas Boh Tea Center is about 30 minutes drive from our resort. The view and breeze was amazing! I could spend the entire morning reading and drinking (tea!) there.

The route to the center is narrow and winding. Be careful and try going before the sun gets hotter in the afternoon.


Many hectars of tea...

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